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Following the Natural Curvature of Life

Life's Natural Shape 
Is A Wave

I see life as a giant wave made of smaller waves. If you look at the rhythm of the natural order, there's an ascend of energy, a cresting, and a descend to rest. Childbirth, storms, seasons, emotions, blooming, growth, love…they all take this shape. 

So, I try my best to honor this shape in my life, not as a concept, but as a practical guide. I ask myself: at what point am I on this wave? Am I honoring its shape? Am I receiving its full expression? 

When I follow this wave, life feels balanced. I feel well. Creativity feels nourished. 

When I don't follow this wave and am seduced by the common exponential curve, where nothing comes down, life feels depleted. Nature, ransacked. 

What I love about honoring waves is that rest comes with the territory. There's no need to feel guilty about honoring the decline in energy, the zero, as that's part of the shape. It gives rise to the next tidal swell.

The Journal

Accepting The Wave

How do you accept the wave?
You allow yourself to feel fully. You allow yourself to love fully. You allow yourself to grieve fully. Grief is one of the most shunned vital doors of life. I will actually be dedicating a whole piece to this, revealed in the next installment. I have an intuitive feeling that the tension between love and grief is what propels life forward.

For now, notice if you're jumping off the crest, because it feels too intense in your body. Notice if you're refusing the decline. 

Ask yourself: at what point am I on this wave? Am I allowing its full expression? What do I need to do next to complete this wave? 

Allow the waves to guide you.

The Journal

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