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Should I Quit My Job
and Go Independent?

Lessons From the Laughing Buddha

My New Years
Resolution for Life

Unspoken considerations and hidden realities of the independent creative path.




What we can learn from this laughing bafoon and why everyone needs to have one at their desk.

An on-going practice, maybe
 my whole life's purpose.

How to Enjoy
The Waiting

Finding joy and wonder when
the vision isn't totally clear.
A practical guide.


Key Insights to Embrace New Directions

Notes from the forest on opening new life chapters, even if they seem irrelevant to our past experiences.

Embracing Life's Natural Curvature

Honoring the shape of life and allowing it to guide you to balanced clarity.



Embracing Life's
Natural Curvature

Honoring the natural shape of life and allowing it to carry you into balanced clarity. 


Ready to live your truth? 


A 12 week journey of self discovery for those who long to live life as their unique work of art. 

Join us for this playful, creative, and embodied pilgrimage through uncharted territories of your inner landscape. Unlearn the biggest barriers to your dreams and reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost along the way.

Discover your next steps alongside a safe and nurturing community of people finding their way home just like you.

Wake up feeling in awe of your life


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