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Why Your Life Still Feels Off

The 5 Missing Pieces of Your Growth Journey

I write this with deep empathy, because I've been there. I know how scary it feels to be lost and how depressing it is to feel like you've missed the boat. I know how much it hurts to live in the divide between what you feel you are and what you wish you could be. 

If you're feeling this, know that you are not alone. It's part of being human. It's not your fault either, as we're simply not taught how to navigate through life. 

If you're wondering why your life still feels off, no matter how many self-help books you've read or changes you've made, this is for you.

Today, I share my distillation on the top 5 missing pieces in people's personal growth journeys. Without these processess, you tend to trim the branches of your life, but not address the roots of your disconnect or disempowering patterns.  

First, A Recognition

The 5 Missing Pieces of Your Growth Journey

1. Subtraction
2. Your body
3. Your edge
4. A systematic path
5. Play

The Journal

The Journal

When we feel lost or disconnected from ourselves, the first thing we do is go outside of ourselves and search. We take up new hobbies, travel to new places, and learn new skills in the hopes that we'll find the next spark, the light that will allow us to read the invisible ink on the maps of our lives.
While these are helpful, this addition is not the most direct path back home to yourself. They can also cover up your true self even more, by giving you yet another mask or label to cling to. 

Instead of adding, it's essential that you subtract first. What's holding you back is not a lack of opportunities, but this cage of fears, false scripts, and survival strategies that have been baked into your being since you were young. 

Without this subtraction, you do not have the clear foundation nor safety needed to expand your self-identity. Just think: How many times have you known the next step, but you were too afraid to go for it? 

The good news is that the answers you seek are all around you, inside you even. However, to receive them, you first have to remove your blindfold and handcuffs. 

1. Subtraction

“Embodiment was key to this program, because it's a way of self discovery. When you journal with the prompts, it's one thing. But when you work with your body, it allows you to tap into other parts of yourself and reclaim them. This aspect was genius.”
-Josefa Fox

“I left Unravel with a big connection to my body. Through this embodiment, we tap into a whole other source of knowing that, in my experience, really is the better way of taking decisions than by writing down a list of pros and cons.”
-Ulli Jaklin

There are now so many personal growth resources out there on just about every topic. While they are great, they can keep you on this never-ending personal growth treadmill, which leaves you feeling scattered and doesn't translate into systemic sustainable change. 

To reclaim your life of authenticity, there are certain doors you have to venture through. I've spent 10+ years discovering and creating these doors, which require a specific sequence. 

The beautiful thing about Unravel is that it provides this complete step-by-step system for authentic deep living that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Play is not superficial or childish. It is an essential tool for self discovery that disrupts your deeply entrenched patterns and leads you into surprising territory. 
I like to say that play is like the WD-40 of your being, one that will degrease the stiff calcified layers of your identity so you can gently pry them apart and see what's there. 

However, as the name suggests, inner work is usually dark and heavy. This does not make the process fun or sustainable, as you will likely feel it's a chore. It also doesn't break the script that's been keeping you on the shallow end of life. 

Unravel: No More Missing Pieces

Unravel is my signature online program of self discovery, one that will fully equip you to live deeply and authentically in the shortest, most systematic, and playful path. 

The beautiful thing about Unravel is that it weaves together all of these missing pieces, so you can finally step off the personal growth treadmill and reclaim your vibrant life, once and for all. 

5. Play

4. A Systematic Path

What I mean by your edge is those parts of yourself that don't neatly fall into the neat, pleasant categories of your self-concept. Your edge is made of your messy parts, your contradictions, and your darkness, all of which take deep honesty to admit and accept as part of yourself. 

Most personal growth programs don't dare venture into this space. Yet, to step into new depths of wholeness, belonging, and self love, you must be open enough to work with these parts- which is actually fun and friendly in Unravel. 

If not, you will never know the full spectrum of you. You will never tap into the power that comes with your darkness. You will likely continue these self-sabotaging patterns, despite your best efforts to stop. 

3. Your edge

When you think about personal growth, all of its insights come in the form of mental concepts. We design our lives like engineers, analyzing our problems and reverse-engineering the solutions. 

This rational approach will only get you so far. It actually gets in the way of true alignment, because your thinking is entangled with your fears, limiting beliefs, and conditioned scripts. 

Instead, to make aligned decisions, to reclaim your lost qualities, and heal, it is essential that you work with your body, not just your head. 
By doing this, you work with the physical, the very tissues that constitute your being. The transformation and healing then becomes physical and tangible. Your body, which is your primary home, is an incredible storehouse of intelligence that will show you the way. 

In fact, the power of the body is one of the most surprising takeaways of our Unravelers, the participants of my program Unravel

2. Your body

"I'm someone who has seen things quite black and white over the years. And Unravel has given me the ability to hold contradictions as they exist, the light with the dark, the grief with the joy, whatever it might be.

It just makes things so much easier. It relieves pressure that you need to have something resolved within yourself, and it's empowering."
-Daniel Gonske

“Unravel is not a course, but a whole new way of being in myself and experiencing life.” 
-Megan Orozco

“Unravel taught me that healing can be fun. It doesn't have to be heavy or these moments of darkness. Unravel is healing while playing." 
-Josefa Fox

“We usually think inner work is dark and heavy. And we're already tired. Unravel never ever felt like that. Every week, I left feeling energized."
-Michelle Cook

Unravel is the core of life, a deep immersion into the depths of being. I really felt like I reclaimed this sense of empowerment, acceptance, and belief in myself. 
Unravel is safe. There's no danger. Dare to take that step and it will just bear fruit."
~Ulli Jaklin


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