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A limited edition collection of immersive audio journeys to evoke awe.

Widening Circles

The Journal

It's with deep joy that I bring you a seasonal offering of my studio: Widening Circles, one that I hope will bring you solace and wonder on your path. It's a fresh harvest, which still carries the soil of my soul at its roots. 

Widening Circles is a series of 5 immersive audio journeys that evoke the awe of living. Weaving together words, soundscapes, and insights, it speaks in a different language. What I call “Mind Melts” that put you in touch with the beauty of life, for in difficult times such as these, I believe there’s no greater medicine. 

Episode List

Episode 1: Guided Deathbed Consult for Cutting Clarity

Listen Here

Episode 2: Filling Your Own Cup

Episode 3: Your Atomic Self

Episode 4: Touching Your Miraculousness

Meet your old dying self to receive life-giving clarity and embrace a kinder perspective on death. 

Unwrap the hidden gifts within and around you, and allow these meetings to melt any bottlenecks of fear inside.⁣ Leave feeling more spacious and renewed, caught off-guard by the growing embers of joy. 

A meditative symphonic journey into your atomic self, where we will trace the voyages made by the atoms coursing through your body. See your own intricate beauty and immense preciousness. 

An embodied dive into the staggering odds of your existence. Sweep away any feelings of smallness or insignificance from the cellar of your mind. Leave feeling like you are the miracle of the miracle of the miracles that you truly are.

Episode 5: Your Inner Spaciousness

You are mostly empty space. Connecting with this truth is a game-changer, as you realize that there’s nothing solid or impenetrable, including whatever problem you are facing. Everything weighing you down suddenly becomes light.

This is a journey into your spaciousness that will allow you to dissolve any heaviness or knots that you are feeling.

Listen Here

* Recommended to play with headphones for the full sonic experience.

Bonus! Episode 6: Healing Body Wonder

Our body is one of the most incredible gifts, but one we often forget to care for.

This is a guided journey to relax and thank your body. Everyone likes to be seen and acknowledged, and it’s the same thing with our bodies.

Allow this journey to fill you with awe and healing gratitude for these incredible forms gift-wrapping your soul.

The Journal

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A 12 week journey of self discovery for those who long to live life as their unique work of art. 

Join us for this playful, creative, and embodied pilgrimage through uncharted territories of your inner landscape. Unlearn the biggest barriers to your dreams and reclaim parts of yourself that have been lost along the way.

Discover your next steps alongside a safe and nurturing community of people finding their way home just like you.

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