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An Essential Reminder & Playlist

Mist in the Dolomites embracing the art of letting go

Living Is Letting Go

Living is an act of letting go.
I used to think life was a grand process of accumulation, but the more I experience the world, the more I have come to see that its most essential processes are acts of release.
Being born is letting go. Growing is letting go. Dying is letting go. Loving is letting go. Forgiving is letting go. Creating is letting go. Giving is letting go. Accepting is letting go. Being grateful is letting go. Taking chances is letting go. Expressing yourself is letting go.
Life is an act of letting go.
If we didn’t let go, we’d be running against the current of life. We’d get caught in our own stagnant creations when everything around us is fleeting.

The Journal

Here is a playlist that'll let the words above sink in. It's a gentle one, intended to soothe and bring forth the spaciousness of your inner caverns. Enjoy! 

A bow to your being,

A Playlist to Soothe

The Journal

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