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Wax on, Wax off

What Makes Exceptional
Creative Work

This Concept, Applied

Today, I wanted to channel Mr. Miyagi, that amazing sensei from the movie, The Karate Kid, and talk about what makes exceptional creative work. 
Do you remember how before he even taught Daniel karate moves, he made him do all of these household chores, like waxing cars and painting fences?

The Journal

Let's see if these words truly have legs. I'm going to bring up filmmaking as an example, since that's my main creative medium. But I believe this applies to work in any field. 

  • We all know the most powerful stories happen when the characters are fully themselves. As a filmmaker, your film subjects mirror the truth that you bring. When you bring your full authenticity, you give them permission to bring theirs. Yet, to bring your full authenticity, you must inhabit it, which takes inner exploration and a shedding of what's not truly you. Most doc filmmakers still go into film shoots wearing masks, which does not open the space for your subjects to take off theirs. 

  • When you do not know who you truly are, your work tends to look like everyone else's. Originality comes from your authenticity. 

  • When you source your creative work out of your depths, alignment arises. Projects become a downward flow, instead of an uphill battle. 

By “authenticity,” I don't mean performing your personality really well. I mean expressing who you are underneath your masks, many of them are unconscious. 

If you're wondering where to begin, check out my Unravel program. It's a comprehensive journey of inner cultivation, held in a nurturing and safe community. In just 12 weeks, you'll come home to your true self so you may create exceptional creative work. And that exceptional creative work includes your life, your ultimate work of art. I invite you to hear the voices and stories of the Unravelers, who come from all over the world, on the website.  

"Unravel is the biggest catharsis of one's life."
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"Unravel is a work of art in personal growth."

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What do chores have to do with karate?

The biggest takeaway is this:

It's the unseen that lays the foundation for the seen. 
It's the inner work that strengthens the outer work. 

These chores cultivated presence, discipline, and a deep connection with self- things that ultimately made Daniel win the karate match as an underdog, even when he had much less physical strength than his opponent. Everyone can learn the outer skills. But very few take the time to cultivate the inner ones.  

When your work springs from your deepest source and meets well-honed craft/technique, it becomes exceptional. 

Inner knowing + outer knowing + surrender = exceptional work. 

Inner truth + presence + craft + good taste = exceptional work. 


The Journal

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